Product Instructions

For optimal placement instructions for your unique phone model, please scan the QR code on the back of your ProGrip box.

1. Remove your ProGrip from the package.
2. Using an alcohol pad, wipe your phone to clean off any debris or residue. Allow your phone to dry completely.
3. Using our provided templates, align your ProGrip to your phone in the desired location. For optimum performance, we suggest that the ProGrip does not hang over any edges of your phone.
4. Peel the backing off the sticker mount, then press and hold it in in place on your phone for 30 seconds.
5. Enjoy ProGrip’s secure, ergonomic fit on your phone.

Helpful Mounting Info

Here is some info and suggestions for optimal usage and placement of ProGrip for your unique phone model.

1. One Size fits most hands up to ring size 13. For larger hands, try our ProGrip XL version.
2. Progrip can be worn with gloves up to size XL, otherwise try our ProGrip XL version.
3. ProGrip sticks to most cases, skins, and phones that are flat, smooth, and not anti-stick such as carbon fiber or silicone.

Mounting Options

ProGrip can be mounted on the left, middle, or right area of the back side of your phone. We recommend mounting ProGrip on the left side of your phone for optimal use.

• Left Side: Recommended mounting position so the grip does not block your camera lens.
• Right: It is possible to mount the grip on the right side, but not recommended.
• Middle: Mounting ProGrip directly in the middle of your phone is not recommended since this position will force the grip to hang over the side of your phone